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"Physics does not explain why things are what they are, rather it explains how to make predictions by using proven models." So we do basically the same thing with construction. We do not try to explain why so much construction is stuck in the dark ages, we just measure and apply more productive methods to construction.

  • LucroSol designs, builds, renovates, constructs, coordinates, manages, and develops projects. We are registered general contractors in California and Florida.
  • We manage contractors (mostly Steel, Mechanical , Electrical & Plumbing) assisting them in offsite fabrication in order to reduce installation schedule and on-site head count.
  • We provide Virtual Design & Construction, Building Information Management, and Integrated Project Delivery - (VDC, BIM, and IPD) construction services.
  • We are VDC certified by Stanford University having completed the Virtual Design and Construction certification course from the Center Integrated Facility Engineering at Stanford University program CIFE

We are a general contracting company specializing in semiconductor fabrication, military, commercial, industrial, select single family residences, multifamily structures, and impossible projects.

The firm is extremely well informed on Metrology, Laser scanning, off-site fabrication, supply chain, and quality control technologies. We believe data can be prepared in a way people can use it productively. CO2 visualization example

Internally we use custom software solutions to automate repetitive tasks and reduce error and omission while increasing precision and production. Ideas!

LucroSol manages the production and quality of trade and subcontractor modeling and detailing, we do not preform in house modeling or detailing services. Our techniques remove the wasted time from the 3D detailing process.

LucroSol practices and actively promotes (IPD) Integrated Project Delivery, (BIM) Building Information Management, and (VDC) Virtual Design and Construction.

In essence VDC, BIM, and IPD are all about building the project digitally to a level of detail which permits estimates, scheduling, and feasibility to be determined to a greater level of detail than traditional methods. These methods permit LucroSol to reduce cost and completion times.

Here is single page overview of Virtual Design and Construction. Single Page Overview