Generalized points successful VDC requires today

What is listed here has to be part of your BIM/VDC strategy now and in the near term. If you as the reader do not recognize the item or radically disagree with the overall messaging here then one of us is very wrong. The list is purposely lacking detail for a reason. This is not an execution plan it’s an executive mission statement.
The decree list

o Deploy a Mission Statement
o Communication & Behavior code of conduct
o Meeting efficiency
o Programmatic Automation strategy
o Long term Background model strategy
o Tactical step by step detailed execution document
o Migrate standards (which can be) to code or non-human compliance method
o Look everywhere to reduce labor/head counts with applications
o Reuse as opposed to create digital assets
o Laser & Structured light Scanning: Advance hardware usage, tailor hardware use to environment
o Alternate metrology use through out construction
o Refine scan data to intended usage – add value to information you provide to next member of team
o Select and become expert on best software / hardware solution for task at hand
o Be creative with how you solve complex slow workflows
o Simplify Quality control process so it’s used
o Use jigs
o Have project and subproject dashboards – simple ones people find pleasure in using - KPI
o Standardize & automate coordinate systems, transforms, complexity should be programmed into user buttons
o Where software cannot be standardized automate the inter discipline conversion process
o Reward good behavior, refrain initial condemnation of poor behavior, use money as incentive to preform, condemn by not rewarding financially
o Remember, you will encounter those who steadfastly refuse to improve and do not conceive the truth, you just do the right thing