VA Fresno

Veterans Assisted Living Facilities - Fresno, California

LucroSol is a California and Florida General contracting company, specializing in project scheduling and coordination of Architectural, MEP, Fire, and other building systems. In addition to VDC, (Virtual Design and Construction), BIM (Building Information Modeling), and IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) we specialize in steel fabrication, erection and shop drawings.

In May of 2010, LucroSol secured a contract for structural steel, fabrication, and erection, of a 91,000 Sq.Ft. central plant and central services building, part of the Veterans Home in Fresno, CA. The central plant was typical filled CMU and structural steel, with metal deck covered by standing seam metal roof. Central Services is a two story structural steel metal deck and curtain wall structure, covered with a standing seam metal roof.

LucroSol provided coordination for the entire 28 acre project, defined as site utilities, MEP, Fire, Structural, and Architectural systems (260,000 Sq. Ft.). Lucrosol worked directly with the subcontractors locating all site utilities, plumbing, fire, electrical, and mechanical equipment in the living structures, central plant and central services buildings. We worked with the wood framer to panelize and coordinate their wood stud framing with the structural engineer.

Using the subcontractor 3D and 2D shop drawings, design drawing and equipment submittals LucroSol coordinated the following systems: mechanical, plumbing, gas, electrical, structural, light gauge metal stud, architectural, exhibits, drop ceilings, lighting, hangers, shop drawings, crane locations, materials staging locations, and many other daily activities.

To bridge that “last one hundred feet”, or provide 3D coordination information to the superintendents, and subcontractor foremen, LucroSol provided a powerful computer with a large high resolution monitor, speakers, and high resolution webcam, completely configured with all the necessary software to:

(One) Conduct collaborative internet based meeting with outside consultants, subcontractors, engineers, suppliers, in-house personal, and others

(Two) send and receive email, attachments, connect to ftp locations, and exchange time sensitive construction information

(Three) Conduct daily Flow and Problem Prevention scheduling meetings via the internet

(Four) View 2D and 3D AutoCAD based dwgs, Tekla 3D drawings, 3D Revit drawings, PDF and other construction documents

(Five) permit any subcontractor to view in 3D the area of work they were performing so they could consider the other trades.

LucroSol reduced the cost of the project allowing the owner more features for the contract price. The construction schedule was reduced using a combination of coordinated panelized structural systems, prefabricated MEP & Fire trades, and precision stakeout using Trimble total station.