Where the fusion of technology & construction generate superior project management and completion increasing profitability.

We are a general contracting company, specializing in VDC (Virtual Design and Construction, Aka BIM) prefabrication, & off-site fabrication. After lucroSol was incorporated in 2009 we provided over 14 million dollars in steel fabrication, erection and shop drawings to RQ Construction and Hensel Phelps Construction alongside our BIM and VDC services. April 2012 we provided exclusive VDC, BIM, & IPD services to Hensel Phelps Construction Company specific to a contract with the world's largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker, based on revenue. In 2014 we provided services directly to that same chip maker. ( Semiconductor Sales )

We add value by managing any designer or subcontractors who models features which affect construct-ability. After design models are coordinated we assist the general contractor and their subcontractors with a construction model created with design and shop drawing information.

Specialized equipment is used to transfer shop drawing geometry information for construction stake out or verify construction location for as-building the construction model. Other equipment provides as-built conditions back to the construction model. We produce digital as-built models linked to service and maintenance manuals which can be COBIE compliment. We specify, and manage the Laser Scanning equipment and process.

LucroSol, leveraging over thirty years of combined high technology computer aided drafting, modeling, engineering and construction experience has developed a Virtual Design and Construction process we implement on a project specific basis for our clients. When implemented, our processes will reduce labor cost, and accelerate the delivery of projects.

We developed our own Project Execution Plans, BIM specification, and other project specific specifications for our clients use. We consider this BIM specification a definition of our contract scope.

As General Contractor, in a new area of high tech building please allow us to spend a few minutes in a web based internet meeting to provide a more comprehensive explanation and actually “Show” you our capabilities.

We will only pursue a relationship with clients where we can meet three goals:
• We must provide measurable value.
• Our clients must actively contribute to the VDC process.
• Communication has to reach a new level of understanding.

LucroSol combines computer aided design and drafting, software development techniques, internet technologies with building design and construction to provide traditional general contracting and non-traditional construction services known as VDC, BIM, and IPD.

Our subcontractor pool of experienced tradesmen is teamed with seasoned project managers, and field superintendents to provide the building design, 3D building prototypes, process models and organization models.

A principal, Greg Robinson, a registered general contractor in California and Florida, also holds a Stanford University certificate in Virtual Design and Construction ( CIFE - Center of Integrated Facilities and Engineering ) the only such program available.

The company partners on construction projects where: 
There is a mandated BIM (Building Information Model) requirement. (i.e. April 2008 VA Alert released by office of Chief Architect), or there is a VDC, BIM, and IPD construction services requirement (i.e. owner or agency requires 3D prototypes), or Owners, Developers, Architects, Engineers & General Contractors seek to reduce overall project cost, reduce time consuming and costly RFI’s and CO’s.

Our competitive edge is:
- Highly educated competent tradesmen who design and build in 3D, guided by seasoned contractors, project managers and field superintendents who integrate means and methods into the prototype.
- Software skills and experience to model product, organization, & process.
- Organizational modeling to identify bottle necks.
- 3D software to prototype structural, MEP, and Architectural systems.
- Experienced field personnel using innovative technologies to assist coordinating construction.
- Tablet notebooks, digital camera, and voice to text data pushed to web server.
- Metrology - Laser Scanning technology
- Supply chain systems to track off-site fabrication
- Engineers who work with client field personnel to sequence means and methods for prefabrication.
- Experience in using VDC techniques construction building.
- Better designs, saving time and money.

If you truly research other organizations VDC, BIM, and IPD efforts then compare them to our capabilities, experience, and ability to deliver - we are heads and shoulders leading the way.

We would like to meet in person, phone or email, explain thoroughly what we offer, and spend time reviewing how we are using VDC on other projects.