"Never promise more than you can perform"
                                              Publilius Syrus *1

Technology is only great if you know how to use it! As well as traditional contracting LucroSol provides contractor-centric VDC technology (IPD & BIM) services.

Where the fusion of technology & construction generate superior project management and completion, increasing profitability.

We are a California and Florida general contracting company, specializing in VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), Structure, Architectural, MEP & Fire systems coordination (i.e. BIM). We specialize cost and schedule reduction. Key components of our strategy is saving labor with off-site fabrication.

From April 2012 to present we provide VDC, (BIM) and IPD construct-ability services to the number one semiconductor manufacturing company in the world.

We add value by cultivating subcontractors to increase their production to cost ratio. Construction is coordinated so reduced field time is required. We assist the subcontractors on how to prefabricate and panel-ize their materials. We refer to the process as VDC, Virtual Design and Construction.

LucroSol, leveraging over thirty years of combined high technology computer aided drafting, modeling, engineering and construction experience has developed a Virtual Design and Construction process we implement on a project specific basis for our clients. When correctly implemented, our processes will reduce labor cost, general conditions and accelerate the delivery of projects. We also developed a BIM specification, a scoping specification.

Given we are a non-traditional General Contractor, in a new area of high tech building I’m inviting you to spend a few minutes using a web based meeting so I can provide a more comprehensive explanation and actually “Show” you our project capabilities, like sequencing, scheduling, conflict detection, metric tracking, value engineering, prefabrication, panalization.


  • VDC software selection
  • Process consulting, & modeling services
  • Re-engineering the process
  • Strategy of technology
  • Manage change

Solution Implementation:

  • Process modeling - work flow and sequence models
  • Product modeling - 3D digital models (Please review FAQ )
  • Attaching data to models (Data integration)
  • VDC software integration
  • Training
  • Application development (programming)
  • Laser Scanning and related metrology services
  • As-built services


  • Modeling support
  • Process improvement
  • Technical support
  • Design support

BIM Services on demand

To summarize, we will share our learning experiences with you. Our exposure to large projects has augmented our skill set.

Problems we commonly solve:
  • Object enabler issues
  • Units, Scaling, Transformations
  • Appearance profiles
  • Script driven coordination models
  • .NET C#, AutoLISP, Dynamo, and other API solutions to relive monotonous tasks
  • Automation & programming

Our ability to collect diverse incomplete subcontractor information full of error and omission and transform that data into a cohesive project is the service you receive from us.

*1 A Latin writer of maxims, flourished in the 1st century BC. He was an Assyrian who was brought as a slave to Italy, but by his wit and talent he won the favor of his master, who freed and educated him. Publilius Syrus