Complex systems require thoughtful sequencing and trade coordination

On Call BIM Coordination Services

We can do it all for you as an on-demand service. We leverage our expertise and experience along with our belief in programmatic automation for you. Our clients required a level of construction coordination which was not possible without applying automation.

We’ve turned that into a service.

As an example do you need a person who will: Receive, manage and coordinate multiple subcontractor models created with diverse software Coordinate all BIM Logistics (Emails, File Sharing, Etc…) Create, maintain and analyze composite model for clash detection/coordination Prepare, distribute, communicate and document coordination conflicts in model; both real and potential. Schedule and facilitate coordination meetings with or without project manager and/or superintendent. Organize and facilitate meetings effectively taking complete ownership for their efficiency and success. Compile contract BIM close out documents including as-built 3D model to field construction validation.

Broker and facilitate effective subcontractor communication in and out of meetings so as to reduce construction risk.

Facilitate sign off and submittal of coordinated areas

  • [Optional] Create models including MEP systems into existing architectural/structural models.
  • [Optional] Educate and train staff on best practices pertaining to all the above.
  • [Optional] Provide ongoing technical support for all the above.

Problems we commonly solve: Object enabler issues, one coordinate system, units, scaling, transformations, appearance profiles, automation & programming, metrology implementation.

As-built routing surface models

Our ability to collect diverse incomplete subcontractor information full of error and omission and transform that data into a cohesive project is the service you receive from us.

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