Ninja Stars

Ninja Clash System - Lucrosol

Example of Complexity Relationship of Selection Inspector to Attributes
Rule complexity Example of selection to run clash with
Second selection example Typical 1200 clashes example
Grouping discussion Initial conclusion to use attributes
Using Excel to reduce duplicity Reducing 1844 clashs to 300
3D clash indicator (Model) in use

Video overview

What I am showing in movie is: * Simple click to see clash in model * Attributes can be read in selection inspector * Visual indicator of where problem is * Ease of use

What your watching in the move is someone in Navis picking clashes from the selection inspector window. The trade responsible, and the system causing the problem is listed in the attribute. Given the attribute can contain text, user can put dates or other information in the clash. The system architecture is simple and open.

General Overview. 0:22 sec. Movie conveying selection use concepts. If you can not view this video please; 1) enable JavaScript, and 2) consider upgrading to a web browser that supports that supports HTML5 video. Select for HTML5 video support