File name checker / validator

Overview Projects use naming convention [AIA Example] for consistent and searchable file names, each with its own complexity based on user requirements. Within Design & Construction, two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) plans and models use descriptive file names for ease of location and automation. The intention of this program is to reduce the error and omission of project naming files. More information on data validation. Features:

  • Browses specified directories (file folders) and reports file naming errors and omissions.
  • Creates rules for checking file names
  • Defines multiple file checking rules
  • Saves defined rules as configuration files
  • Defines up to ten fields of nine characters per field
  • File extension is user definable, any “legal” file extension may be used
  • Character path and file name is subject to Operating System limits i.e. 254 characters plus or minus
  • User definable character types or ranges per each field position
  • Any character position in any field may have a rule defined for it.

Fields can be defined as Alpha only, Numeric only, or Alpha Numeric.


All Alpha fields     All Numeric fields     Alpha Numeric fields
XXX-XXX-XXXXXXXXX-X.rvt    123-123-123456789-1.rvt     xXX-123-XX123XX4.rvt

The user defines a rule, like the first position of field one is only allowed characters A through D in upper case.

If the program detects the file name “EABC-999.rvt”, an error is reported. Program will not allow less than the required characters to appear in a file name.

If the rule states field 1 requires four characters it must contain four characters. Only dash, underscore, or space are allowed as field delimiters.

Only characters permitted by the file system will be allowed in file names.

Overview MP4

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