JIT Routing

Provide what you need quickly

Note: Our solutions are costly to deploy in a low volume environment, require training & capital expenses beyond what most subcontractors would consider. When we scale the benefits across multiple contractors we see significant benefit. Properly deployed they define successful off site fabrication.

We agree with getting ahead of construction cycles with the offsite approach. To that end during the last two years a few “black boxes” of hybrid technologies using hardware, software and work flow have been developed.

Hybrid in terms of the diverse number of items make up the final solutions. Each solution is tailored toward a specific problem. For example prefab of shower piping is solved differently than electro coated stainless. What we have steered away from is throwing large numbers of people at the problem.

Our strategy is two fold, 1) provide high quality accurate data, 2) very quickly.

The data is surfaces & pictures specific to the route. Accurate is within 1mm (as tied to nearest brass control point) Quickly is defined as hours, say four or less, from time of collection to delivery.

Additionally we keep the data sets manageable where possible so the clients can use their legacy computers and software efficiently. The issue of large data sets is inevitable so our approach has been to apply “cloud like” computing at it. Given our clients will not permit their data outside their campus or secure network, we created a task specific mobile server farm.

While there is logistical cost we can also validate the completed part is within tolerance during the fabrication process in two ways. First by projecting the parts to be built on the layout table, (reduce the spool/shop drawing requirements). Secondly by measuring before it leaves the shop.

We leveraged some historical learning's with newly released hardware for these solutions.