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Large organizations have global facilities requiring tenant improvements. Having adequate as-built vector based digital files lowers TI design fees & schedules. Complete and accurate designs return additional construction savings by reducing contractor change orders.

There is projected value: If the content of Tenant Improvement is relativity accurate:

Quoting the Cresa article “Tenants are staring into an abyss where more of their own dollars are required to create modern workplaces that meet the demands of their workforce. Tenants need to have very accurate conceptual budgets upfront as they prepare for new space and fully understand their net-cost exposure. Landlords won’t be much help since they don’t need to be responsive in this area. Because tenant investment translates to increased recruitment, retainage, productivity and satisfaction, it is an investment worth making.”

Your clients want to lower their TI (tenant Improvement cost) by providing accurate as-built information to their internal design teams.

This need represents an opportunity for you to provide world class solution. Additionally, after the one success this refined program could be offered to other clients or used by internally to lower their TI costs.

The good news is the idea of having accurate as-builts is valuable. Determining the final value is elusive without further understanding of how the design and construction contracts are structured, executed, and importantly managed.

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